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Planning and Zoning


Zoning for Johnson County, Missouri


At this time, there are no planning and zoning regulations, building codes or occupancy certificates in Johnson County, Missouri for the unincorporated areas, unless the property is located in the Whiteman Air Force Base Zoning Area


Other state and federal regulations will apply to building in flood plains, or for construction of waste disposal systems. If building in an incorporated city limits, city zoning ordinances may apply.


Flood plain maps are available in the Assessor office. If you are building in a special flood hazard area in the unincorporated areas of Johnson County, you will need to obtain a permit from the Assessor’s office. You can contact them at 660-747-9822 (address: 1310 S. Maguire Street, Warrensburg). If you are building in the incorporated city limits, you will need to contact the respective city hall (Holden: 816-732-4811; Knob Noster: 660-563-2595; Warrensburg: 660-747-9131).


For information on waste disposal systems and the Missouri wastewater regulations, please contact the Environmental Public Health Office at Johnson County Community Health Services at 660-747-6121, ext. 258


If the construction includes a driveway connecting to a county road, please contact the Road and Bridge Department at 660-747-6821 for driveway specifications. For construction including a driveway connecting to a state highway, please contact the State Highway Department at 660-543-7936.


No Planning and Zoning Regulations signed by The Johnson County Commission.

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